Theme - Our 2017 theme is Set/Apart. You are a chosen generation! 1 Peter 2:9. This will be an unforgettable week in the life of your youth ministry. At Journey Week, your students and leaders will experience Christ through powerful communicators and a worship team who unpacks the truth of God's Word in a relevant, transforming way. 
Teams – Campers will be given Team assignments on Monday during Late Night. Teams will gather each day in small group. The purpose of Teams is to teach Bible truths that apply to Team member's life in a practical, relevant way and allow Team members to build friendships with campers from different churches. Enclosed is a Total Camper List to help us break students into Teams. Please send the Total Camper List with your pre-registration and bring an updated copy with all camper's names, grades, and t-shirt sizes. This ensures that each camper will get the t-shirt they pre-registered for.
Team Leaders—Team Leaders will be needed to make Teams possible. Team Leaders will be responsible for leading daily small group discussions with their team following large group sessions. Curriculum will be provided as well as on-site leader discussions before each session.
Recreation – Recreation will be divided into two parts: TRACS and Church Tournaments. Students will have the opportunity to sign up to participate in TRACS which consist of various sports, games and academic tournaments. Students will can also create teams for Church tournaments. Please pack extra clothes for recreation time.
T-Shirts - Thursday night is camp t-shirt night. Only pre-registered campers are guaranteed a camp shirt. Please accurately fill out 'The Journey' pre-registration form for your church and send in with your pre-registration information in order to ensure that each camper you bring will get a camp t-shirt.
Child Protection Training - State law requires that all adults & sponsors (18 years and older) complete a Child Protection Training course, pass a criminal background check, and pass a sex offender check BEFORE coming to camp. All the information you need to fulfill these requirements are found in this packet.
Dress Code - At The Journey, all campers, faculty and staff are to dress by the highest standards; thus, modesty must prevail. Camping suggest casual clothes which usually consists of jeans and t-shirts. Shorts of modest length to finger tips and tank tops with straps wider than one inch are allowed. We do not allow halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, short shorts, cleavage, midriffs, Yoga pants, see-through clothing or any clothing with advertising or messages that are deemed inappropriate. Two piece, revealing, or bikini type swimsuits will not be allowed for girls or boys of any age. We ask that parents and churches please review the camp rules and dress code with their children before coming to camp.
Medical Forms - Medical forms are included in this packet. Make copies of filled out forms for your records. Bring signed originals to camp when you arrive at registration. Be prepared to turn in all medication for your campers when you arrive. Medication must be in original container.
Registration - 2017 Camp Fee is $150. Camp t-shirts and curriculum are included. Forms and pre-registration fees of $30/camper are due June 17th. Get a $10 per camper discount if you register by June 17th. All forms can be found at www.thejourneyteencamp.com. Make Checks payable to "The Journey Teen Camp."

Mail Pre-registration Check to:
Kevin Clinton, 4414 Seville Lane, McKinney, TX 75070

The Journey will have a planning meeting on May 13th Via Skype at 10:00 AM. Contact Ryan Carlise for information about meeting via Skype. Ryan's email address is rclisle41@aol.com

The Journey Teen Camp Dates

The Journey for 2017 will be July 17-21. Mark your Calendar and come join us at Pinesprings Baptist Camp in Laneville, Texas.